Soraya here! 



Para Mi Casita was started with the idea of highlighting the cutting boards (La Tablita) my dad started making over 30 years ago in his garage. He's been bringing home the scraps left over from the countertops he installed at his day job since I was a little girl.


Being that he’s a little older now, he wasn’t much into continuing to sand as much, so he passed the torch down to me. He let me take most of his tools and taught me the way. I've been sanding my little heart away in my garage ever since. Seven months later, I'm proud to say that I  have been able to purchase my own tools and have given him back his.

Although he passed the torch down to me my dad is still a huge part of La Tablita adventure to this day.  From sourcing scraps, taking my constant calls, and helping me with routing. I'm honored to continue his story and most importantly honored to work next to him in the garage. 

 Para Mi Casita was born to showcase La Tablita and also to bring colorful trinkets to your home that have been part of my life and culture. Para Mi Casita is a Latina owned business, but at heart represents my entire family. None of this would be possible without them.